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Blackholeian is the final and main antagonist of Space Patrol Luluco. He's a cosmic criminal who steals things throughout the universe for no tangible motivation, as he never sells and even sometimes disposes of the items he worked so hard to get.


Apparently he is such a good thief, that valuable things are paradoxically no longer valuable to him. And instead he values meaningless garbage. As such he plans on ruining Luluco's chances to be with AΩ Nova. Since he believes nothing in the universe is as worthless as a middle schooler's shallow crush based on nothing but looks.


Eventually Luluco and AΩ Nova prove to Blackholeian that their love is more precious than he thought, and uses that special love to trigger an inner power within them, allowing the two to overpower the great beast, but not without a sacrifice from Nova, though despite their parting, their love remains stronger than ever. With both determined to one day meet each other again in an alternate universe.