Battlefield Classroom (戦場教室 Senjō kyōshitsu) is the third episode of the Space Patrol Luluco animation series. It first aired in Japan, on April 15, 2016.


Luluco and AΩ Nova are sent to their school to discover the identity of the illegal Blackhole App's publisher, called "Save The World". When the two of them decide to split up for a better searching result, Luluco runs into her classmate Midori, who quickly responds to the other's interest in the application by offering her a look into it and bribing her with its abilities. Luluco soon realizes that a crime is happening right in front of her nose and immediately calls AΩ Nova to come help her with the situation, while Midori is away to fetch the application for her classmate.
The team enters the room Midori went into, only to discover that Save The World is actually Midori, currently surrounded by a group of evil minded school mates. Surprised about Luluco being a part of the Space Patrol, Midori sends her allies to attack, while grabbing AΩ Nova with the Blackhole app to put him out of action. Luluco hesitates to shoot the enemies coming at her, but changes her mind for AΩ Nova's fate. Her allies knocked out by the gunfire, Midori starts using AΩ Nova's gun against Luluco to defend herself, resulting in the latter to hesitate with a counterattack, fearing she could harm her friend with it. However, she eventually decides to take the chance, taking Midori out with an accidental bullet maneuver.
Luluco apologizes to her team mate and starts to wonder how things are going to continue, to which AΩ Nova responds that she should just try to stay wonderful.
Ultimately, the officers take Midori to the Space Patrol to turn her in. Only then Midori comes to realize that AΩ Nova is an actual part of the Space Patrol as well, so she promptly decides to apologize for her crimes and volunteer to become a member of the Space Patrol as well to spend more time at his side. Over Justice, who claims no one ever volunteered to the Space Patrol, welcomes her as a new officer, much to Luluco's displeasure.


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