Lalaco Godspeed
Lalaco godspeed-0
Kanji ララ子・ゴッドスピード
Rōmaji Rarako goddosupīdo
Hair color Scarlet Red
Eye color Turquoise
Gender Female
Family Keiji (Former Husband)[1]
Luluco (Daughter)[1]
Occupation Space Pirate[1]
Status Alive
Anime Information
Voice Actor(s) Yōko Honna (Japanese)
Monica Rial (English)
First Appearance Episode 04

Lalaco Godspeed is a minor antagonist in Space Patrol Luluco. She is the mother of Luluco and former wife of Keiji, as well as the captain of a league of villainous space pirates.


Lalaco Godspeed is identifiable by her risqué pirate outfit, scarlet hair, and turquoise eyes. She is on the taller side, with a somewhat lanky figure and a large bust.


Lalaco generally has a wild personality - she does what she wants when she wants to do it, and does whatever it takes to go through with her plans. She places much importance on personal freedom; she does not like being confined by rules. Lalaco finds the idea of being "normal" (something her daughter and ex-husband valued) asinine and unrealistic, and berates Luluco for this reason.
She initially appears not to care for anyone's wellbeing but her own. She has been shown to be exceedingly violent- getting into a gunfight with Keiji with Luluco in the same room, grabbing Luluco by the collar and tossing her, crashing herself into Okigubo and shoplifting it without concern to its inhabitants, and not caring about the energy blasts being fired at her hitting Alpha Omega Nova, Midori, and Luluco. She also attempts to punch Luluco before Nova blocks her.
While she initially tells Luluco not to refer to her as her mother, Lalaco later begins to admire her daughter for her newfound strength and courage, her demeanor towards her changing from condescending and violent to a sort of fondness and pride. She briefly sets aside her conflict with the Space Patrol to assist her in her efforts to confess to Nova (Lalaco returns to causing them trouble later on, however).


  • She was supposed to be the series's main antagonist, but due to production constraints going from four 13 episode seasons to a single season, her role changed. Explained by Trigger at AX 2016.[citation needed]
  • The pattern on her cape is similar to the one on Mako Mankanshoku's two-star uniform from Kill la Kill.


  • "Amusing. Then let me show you a real gun! God Pirates Gun Morphing!" - Episode 5, announcing her transformation.
  • "Quit calling me Lalaco! Right now, I'm the very incarnation of true, unfettered freedom, Space Pirate Empress Godspeed! If you want Okigubo back, let's see you try and take it back!" - Episode 6, responding to Keiji's demands to return the shoplifted Okigubo and return to normal with him.
  • "Did you forget? If I see that someone else is gonna destroy something, I can't rest easy until I destroy it with my own hands! I'll make you regret ever picking a fight with us space pirates!" - Episode 6
  • "I take my eyes off Luluco for a second, and she grows up into one damn fine woman." - Episode 12, while assisting the Space Patrol in eliminating the Blackholians.