Sucy Manbavaran
Sucy manbavaran
Kanji スーシィ・マンババラン
Rōmaji Sūshi Manbabaran
Hair color Purplish-pink
Eye color Red
Gender Female
Occupation Witch
Status Alive
Anime Information
Voice Actor(s) Michiyo Murase (Japanese)
Anastasia Muñoz (English)
First Appearance Episode 08

Sucy Manbavaran is a girl who specializes in potions with various effects. She likes using poison mushrooms in her spells and concoctions. She originates from the Trigger series Little Witch Academia and makes a cameo in the 8th episode of Space Patrol Luluco.


Sucy is the ideal image of a storybook witch, grayish skin tones, potion master, subdued color palette etcetera. She comes off as kind of laid back, with droopy, half lidded eyes that seem to make her look bored or falling asleep half the time. Sucy has a somewhat sallow complexion, and paired with her pastel mauve her tone and her seeming lack of arms (her arms only visible when she only moves them), she gives off quite the eerie aura.
Sucy is not entirely creepy, as she decorates her witch robes with accessories of her choice. She holds herself with a slightly hunched back, yet also managed to almost never open her eyes all the way.[1]


Sucy is very calm and indifferent to most situations.. She is not entirely dull and mood-less, and does seem to care a lot for her friends. Sucy takes particular interest in potion brewing and potion materials, and is often seen buying mushrooms and the like.[1]



  • "One minute left." - "Two minutes left." - "Go to hell!" - "fourthreetwo" - (Episode 08)